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Your pet’s health is important to us and we firmly believe that prevention is better than cure! We recommend the vaccination of all dogs and cats against the common diseases they encounter including parvovirus, canine distemper, hepatitis and kennel cough for dogs and cat flu, feline leukaemia virus and feline aids for cats. Each pet receives a thorough physical examination at the time of vaccination and any specific needs for your pets preventative health can be discussed at this time.

Pregnancy Testing 

We routinely perform pregnancy examinations for cattle by rectal palpation to ensure ease of management for the producer. We are happy to assist for herds of any size, from just a few head to hundreds.



Our pet’s dental health can often be something that is overlooked and dental problems such as broken teeth and periodontal disease can occur without you even realising. A dental checkup is a valuable part of your dog or cat’s health routine, and if necessary we can clean them for you with our ultrasonic scaler and polisher – leaving their breath fresher and their body healthier!



At SDVS we perform all types of routine soft tissue and orthopaedic surgeries including desexing procedures for dogs and cats, lump removals, knee reconstructions and hip surgeries. We endeavour to provide the best possible care for your pets using the latest and safest anaesthetics and surgical techniques. Our team of vets and nurses are on hand to ensure everything runs smoothly and your pet is kept comfortable and pain free post-operatively.



Microchipping of dogs, cats and horses is becoming more popular and will soon be compulsory for dogs and cats changing ownership within the Southern Downs Regional Council area. Microchipping involves placing a small implant under your animal’s skin with a unique identification number which is attached to your details. The chip can be picked up by any microchip scanner if your pet goes missing, or ownership is questioned and the chip number traced back to you through the national animal registry.


House Calls

We understand that there are certain circumstances which make coming to us at the surgery difficult or impossible. To cater for this we offer a house call service and are happy to come to your place to conduct our consultation.

Heartworm Prevention

Whilst thankfully heartworm isn’t common in the Stanthorpe area, animals travelling to the coast or Brisbane are at risk and the effects can be devastating. We offer a number of options for heartworm prevention including annual injections, spot-ons and monthly tablets. We’re happy to talk to you regarding the best option for your pet.


Property Visits

Our vets at SDVS enjoy working with animals of all sizes and are especially happy to make visits to properties for those larger patients who can’t always walk through the clinic door! We do routine property visits for pregnancy testing and vaccinations as well as addressing the needs of specific individuals. We care for all animals including cattle, horses, goats, alpacas and more. We can offer individual care for animals in your herd or a broader approach to herd health including advice on nutrition and parasitic control.